DGRC Stock Number: 199


Synonyms: Ras[V12] (R7) , R7

FlyBase Report: FBtc0000199

Cellosaurus Report: CVCL_1B61


  • Dm Embryonic

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To cite Ras[V12]-H7

When publishing experiments using Ras[V12]-H7, please include the following details in your manuscript.

  • Materials and Methods
    Ras[V12]-H7 (DGRC Stock 199 ; https://dgrc.bio.indiana.edu//stock/199 ; RRID:CVCL_1B61)
  • Acknowledgements
    • Drosophila Genomics Resource Center (NIH Grant 2P40OD010949)
  • References
    Simcox, 2011.4.19, Simcox cell lines. FBrf0213435
Recommended Medium
  • Schneider's + 10% FCS
  • M3+BPYE + 10% FCS
Species melanogaster
Primary Reference FBrf0213435
Lab Of Origin Amanda Simcox
Stage Source embryonic stage
Tissue Source embryo
Source Genotype: UAS-GFP; P{UAS-Ras85D.V12}/ Act5C-Gal4
Doubling Time
  • Schneider's + 10% FCS: 65 hr

All times are approximate (hrs, 25° unless otherwise noted).