Support Overview

This page is intended to be the central area within the DGRC website to provide assistance to all users. If you are unable to solve your problem using the facilities in this area, please email us at, and your question will be promptly sent to a staff member with appropriate expertise.

Accounts and Orders

  • FAQs - This section provides answers to common questions about Ordering, Billing and Payment, and Accessing your order and account info online.

Vectors, cDNAs, & ESTs

  • FAQs - This section is curated and generated from common questions we have come across while supporting our many users. The FAQs include information on antibiotic usage, alternative transformation procedures, how to find information about your ordered clones, and the Gateway collection.
  • Protocols - We have made available recommended transformation protocols and have presented the protocols we have used to create the Whatman FTA cards. These protocols are updated whenever necessary and have been thoroughly tested. Under this section you will find protocols for Competent Cells, FTA disc processing, Preparation of FTA discs for distribution, and our quality control results.

Cell Lines

  • FAQs - This is a short list of questions that have arisen repeatedly from our users.
  • Protocols - These includes directions for preparing medium and maintaining the cell lines, along with a few protocols for experimental procedures using cell lines. We expect to add additional protocols as we find time to do so.

Citing the DGRC

When publishing experiments using materials obtained from the DGRC please follow the citation guidelines on the material's stock page, including citing the Drosophila Genomics Resource Center, supported by NIH grant 2P40OD010949, in the acknowledgments. Your cooperation helps us when we need to renew our grant as well as the researchers that donate materials to the DGRC.