Fly Extract Catalog

Fly extract (FEX) is an essential component of medium for some imaginal disc lines and for ovarian cell lines. The DGRC distributes FEX derived from young Oregon-R-modENCODE adult flies (RRID:BDSC_25211). We sell it in tubes of 2.5 ml (enough for 100 ml of medium for CME Cl.8+) and tubes of 10 ml (enough for 100 ml of medium for OSS or fGS/OSS). The price is $5.50/ml. In addition, there is a flat fee for packaging and dry ice ($15.00/shipment) and the Fedex shipping charge to your location.

Fly extract must be shipped on dry ice. If we do not ordinarily send dry ice shipments to your country, your order for fly extract will be blocked, you will be asked to e-mail us to see whether we can work out a means of sending a dry ice shipment to you.

Storage requirements: We store fly extract at -20°C, where it is good for at least a year. We have thawed and re-frozen tubes of extract at least once with no obvious loss of quality.

Citing the DGRC

When publishing experiments using materials obtained from the DGRC please follow the citation guidelines on the material's stock page, including citing the Drosophila Genomics Resource Center, supported by NIH grant 2P40OD010949, in the acknowledgments. Your cooperation helps us when we need to renew our grant as well as the researchers that donate materials to the DGRC.