Drosophila Feeder Cells

Feeder cells are metabolically active cells rendered incapable of dividing by irradiation. Feeder cell layer can support cell growth (Puck and Marcus, 1955). The DGRC has used the feeder cells approach to single-cell cloning of Kc167 and Sg4 Drosophila cell lines (Cherbas et al. 2015). The cells have been gamma-irradiated (600 Gy) using a cesium source. For single cell cloning in 96 well plates, dispense 100 uL of feeder cell suspension (1.5 X 10^6 cell/mL) into each well.

Instructions for handling irradiated Drosophila feeder cells

If you are interested in feeder cells constructed from a different Drosophila cell line, please contact us at dgrc@iu.edu.

Citing the DGRC

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