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Synonyms: pW35-FRT-attB-SA-phase2-(GGS)4-EGFP-FlAsH-StrepII-TEV-3xFlag-(GGS)4-SD-attB-w -FRT

Donor: Hugo Bellen

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  • FLAG tag
  • attB1-2
  • Splice Acceptor - Splice Donor
  • eGFP
  • attB
  • StrepII
  • TEV
  • GGS
  • FIAsh
  • pW35
  • phase2
  • RMCE


  • MiMIC

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  • Materials and Methods
    pPM20 (DGRC Stock 1381 ; https://dgrc.bio.indiana.edu//stock/1381 ; RRID:DGRC_1381)
  • Acknowledgements
    • Drosophila Genomics Resource Center (NIH Grant 2P40OD010949)
  • References
    Nagarkar-Jaiswal et al., 2015, eLife 4: e05338 FBrf0228008 PMID:25824290 (Reference Link)
Resistance Marker Ampicillin