modENCODE Tiling Path Expression Search

This tool permits you to view RNA expression data for any gene or exon in each of 25 cell lines, and is provided as an aid to members of the fly community who are looking for cell lines with particular transcriptional properties. The data are derived from hybridization of total RNA to tiling arrays; the experiments were carried out by the modENCODE Fly Transcriptome Project (S. Celniker, P.I.). For a description of the data and pointers on interpreting the expression scores, click here. Note that FlyBase has posted an independent set of expression data for 4 of the cell lines, derived from RNA-seq experiments done by the same modENCODE group.

Search on flybase ID (FBgn0000008), CG (CG6741), gene symbol (a) or name (arc):

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