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  • Materials and Methods
    Hs0536 (DGRC Stock 1662632 ; https://dgrc.bio.indiana.edu//stock/1662632 ; RRID:DGRC_1662632)
  • Acknowledgements
    • Drosophila Genomics Resource Center (NIH Grant 2P40OD010949)
Species Homo sapiens
Collections Human ORF
Human Gene GSTT2   ( Entrez , HGNC )
FlyHumanDIOPT ScoreDIOPT RankBest HitBest Reverse Hit
GstT4 GSTT2 7 Yes No
GstT3 GSTT2 11 Yes Yes
GstT1 GSTT2 9 Yes No
GstT2 GSTT2 7 Yes No
AA Size 307
Tag Info C-terminal 3xHA
Fly Vector pUASgHA.attB
Endogenous Stop Codon no
Collection Well Status Note
Human ORF HumanORF Hu_HB_3|B|4 Available