DGRC Analysis Protocols

These protocols are for DGRC-1 Amplicon Transcriptome microarrays and the DGRC-2 Oligonucleotide microarrays. Protocols for other microarrays will be added as they become available. These are the recommended protocols for microarray use and analysis. These protocols will be improved and updated over time. Only the newest protocols will be posted here.

Production Protocol This is a protocol detailing the entire production and Quality Control procedures used for the DGRC-1 Amplicon Microarrays and DGRC-2 Oligonucleotide Microarrays.
RNA Isolation A recommended RNA isolation protocol which is used for all DGRC RNA isolation.

RNA Isolation Version: March 2005

Labelling Methods 3 Different labelling methods optimized by DGRC research Scientists; 1 Direct, 2 Indirect, 3 Dendrimer.

Amersham Direct Version: March 2005
Genisphere Dendrimer Version: March 2005
Invitrogen Amino Allyl Version: March 2005

Hybridization Trouble Shooting Guide If you are having trouble with Hybridizations, this guide is meant to help you get better results from our long experience doing hybridizations.

Trouble Shooting Guide Version: June 2005

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you refer to protocols published on our website please cite the DGRC accordingly. Please use the date, author and title on the document.

Citing the DGRC

When publishing experiments using materials obtained from the DGRC please follow the citation guidelines on the material's stock page, including citing the Drosophila Genomics Resource Center, supported by NIH grant 2P40OD010949, in the acknowledgments. Your cooperation helps us when we need to renew our grant as well as the researchers that donate materials to the DGRC.