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Clones for Dmel Gene Trpm (FBgn0265194)

Clone Barcode FlyBase Features
GH22805 4016 FBcl0125437 Full Length Sequenced cDNA (Gold)
GEO05884 1652433 FlyBi ORFeome Collection
GH04950 6394 FBcl0125435 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone
HL05615 1286381 FBcl0150083 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone
SD02873 1348071 FBcl0287038 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone
SD02874 1348072 FBcl0287039 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone

Dros orthologs for Trpm

Clone Barcode Gene Species
D._161524_D.VIRILIS_CDNA-060_O23 51876006 Dvir\GJ15107 Drosophila virilis
D._161524_D.VIRILIS_CDNA-041_O16 51368679 Dvir\GJ15107 Drosophila virilis
D._161524_D.VIRILIS_CDNA-064_L10 51871188 Dvir\GJ15107 Drosophila virilis
D._161524_D.VIRILIS_CDNA-054_L24 51776564 Dvir\GJ15107 Drosophila virilis
D._161950_D.ERECTA_CDNA-031_J16 52938347 Dere\GG22364 Drosophila erecta
D._161950_D.ERECTA_CDNA-030_E1 52968403 Dere\GG22364 Drosophila erecta
D._161950_D.ERECTA_CDNA-016_E6 52946629 Dere\GG22364 Drosophila erecta
D._161525_D.ANANASSAE_CDNA-028_A14 51913385 Dana\GF11877 Drosophila ananassae
D._161525_D.ANANASSAE_CDNA-062_P13 51889672 Dana\GF11877 Drosophila ananassae
D._163144_D.GRIMSHAWI_CDNA-049_I8 56942921 Dgri\GH21462 Drosophila grimshawi

Clones for Human Gene TRPM3 (Entrez)  -  Ortholog of Dros gene Trpm

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