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Clones for Dmel Gene Cralbp (FBgn0035636)

Clone Barcode FlyBase Features
IP12930 1389254 FBcl0349477 Clone generated by iPCR
IP13030 1389350 FBcl0349478 Clone generated by iPCR
CT29578-BD 1359670 CuraGen yeast 2-hybrid clone

Dros orthologs for Cralbp

Clone Barcode Gene Species
D._161524_D.VIRILIS_CDNA-058_O4 51796502 Dvir\GJ12167 Drosophila virilis
D._161524_D.VIRILIS_CDNA-058_N18 51796749 Dvir\GJ12167 Drosophila virilis
D._161950_D.ERECTA_CDNA--005_K15 52972410 Dere\GG14112 Drosophila erecta
D._161950_D.ERECTA_CDNA-032_L7 52949340 Dere\GG14112 Drosophila erecta
D._161950_D.ERECTA_CDNA-008_C8 52517750 Dere\GG14112 Drosophila erecta
D._161950_D.ERECTA_CDNA-038_I3 52951001 Dere\GG14112 Drosophila erecta
D._161950_D.ERECTA_CDNA-048_J15 52939867 Dere\GG14112 Drosophila erecta
D._163143_D.MOJAVENSIS_CDNA_PLATE-045_C6 54968170 Dmoj\GI11941 Drosophila mojavensis
D._163143_D.MOJAVENSIS_CDNA_PLATE-052_G10 54970926 Dmoj\GI11941 Drosophila mojavensis

Clones for Human Gene CLVS2 (Entrez)  -  Ortholog of Dros gene Cralbp

Clone Barcode Features
hGUHO02947 1662089 Human ORF

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