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gRNA for Dmel Gene CG15097 (FBgn0034396)

gRNA Barcode FlyBase Features
pWKO.3-A5 1662897 FBmc0003385 Drosophila guide RNA Clones

Clones for Dmel Gene CG15097 (FBgn0034396)

Clone Barcode FlyBase Features
FI06141 1621777 FBcl0474886 Full Length Sequenced cDNA (Gold)
GH18278 7519 FBcl0136989 Full Length Sequenced cDNA (Gold)
FMO02474 1610494 Tagged Expression-ready ORF
FMO09455 1640191 Tagged Expression-ready ORF
MXO03174 1615562 Tagged Expression-ready ORF
UFO02674 1617145 Tagged Expression-ready ORF
UFO09055 1643093 Tagged Expression-ready ORF
GEO04927 1651719 FlyBi ORFeome Collection
GEO12955 1657921 FlyBi ORFeome Collection
BO08127 1514284 Expression-ready ORF
BO25855 1628955 Expression-ready ORF
BS07627 1515513 Expression-ready ORF
pWKO.3-A5 1662897 FBmc0003385 Drosophila guide RNA Clones
AT24465 1039185 FBcl0038763 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone
GH09093 1254491 FBcl0136899 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone

Clones for Human Gene KLHL17 (Entrez)  -  Ortholog of Dros gene CG15097

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