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Clones for Dmel Gene tap (FBgn0015550)

Clone Barcode FlyBase Features
RE52048 9107 FBcl0194431 Full Length Sequenced cDNA (Gold)
FMO05482 1612917 Tagged Expression-ready ORF
MXO01082 1614496 Tagged Expression-ready ORF
GEO07837 1653763 FlyBi ORFeome Collection
BO01503 1512446 Expression-ready ORF
BS12237 1631934 Expression-ready ORF
RE22735 1095027 FBcl0194399 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone
RE23618 1095874 FBcl0194354 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone
RE27376 1099484 FBcl0194498 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone
RE29837 1101845 FBcl0194482 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone
RE60529 1131309 FBcl0194456 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone
CT23417-AD 1371443 CuraGen yeast 2-hybrid clone
CT23417-BD 1362067 CuraGen yeast 2-hybrid clone

Dros orthologs for tap

Clone Barcode Gene Species
D._161524_D.VIRILIS_CDNA-038_G7 51199646 Dvir\GJ12331 Drosophila virilis
D._161950_D.ERECTA_CDNA-053_L14 52966636 Dere\GG13612 Drosophila erecta
D._161525_D.ANANASSAE_CDNA-047_A16 51786025 Dana\GF10169 Drosophila ananassae
D._163143_D.MOJAVENSIS_CDNA_PLATE-010_H9 54990692 Dmoj\GI12435 Drosophila mojavensis

Clones for Human Gene NEUROG1 (Entrez)  -  Ortholog of Dros gene tap

Clone Barcode Features
hGUHO02105 1661568 Human ORF

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