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Clones for Dmel Gene Jra (FBgn0001291)

Clone Barcode FlyBase Features
LD25202 2251 FBcl0177002 Full Length Sequenced cDNA (Gold)
FMO05443 1612884 Tagged Expression-ready ORF
MXO01043 1614457 Tagged Expression-ready ORF
UGS01302 1663966 Tagged Expression-ready ORF
URO01002 1663968 Tagged Expression-ready ORF
URS01302 1663967 Tagged Expression-ready ORF
BO01052 1512407 Expression-ready ORF
BS01052 1512975 Expression-ready ORF
TfBAC00112 1660633 Tagged-Tf BAC
TfBAC00343 1660856 Tagged-Tf BAC
AT04509 1020025 FBcl0039587 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone
AT09868 1025172 FBcl0039589 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone
AT10175 1025467 FBcl0039579 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone
GH26769 1266371 FBcl0133837 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone
GH28626 1268152 FBcl0133823 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone
GM17859 1049259 FBcl0147952 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone
RE11781 1084513 FBcl0232481 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone
RE12112 1084828 FBcl0232825 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone
RE24535 1096755 FBcl0232788 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone
RE26731 1098863 FBcl0232784 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone
RE26733 1098865 FBcl0232900 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone
RH50828 1193228 FBcl0270340 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone
SD16936 1229524 FBcl0290374 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone
SD20220 1232676 FBcl0290394 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone
SD26172 1238392 FBcl0290369 Uncharacterized EST or DGC clone
CT7577-AD 1370469 CuraGen yeast 2-hybrid clone
CT7577-BD 1359546 CuraGen yeast 2-hybrid clone

Dros orthologs for Jra

Clone Barcode Gene Species
D._161524_D.VIRILIS_CDNA-068_O9 51878182 Dvir\GJ22384 Drosophila virilis
D._161524_D.VIRILIS_CDNA-069_H18 51961272 Dvir\GJ22384 Drosophila virilis
D._161524_D.VIRILIS_CDNA-001_I17 50420581 Dvir\GJ22384 Drosophila virilis
D._161524_D.VIRILIS_CDNA-044_L2 51404824 Dvir\GJ22384 Drosophila virilis
D._161950_D.ERECTA_CDNA-062_G24 52961030 Dere\GG24138 Drosophila erecta
D._161950_D.ERECTA_CDNA-069_N9 52971167 Dere\GG24138 Drosophila erecta
D._161950_D.ERECTA_CDNA-024_P13 52967392 Dere\GG24138 Drosophila erecta
D._161950_D.ERECTA_CDNA-048_A12 52939809 Dere\GG24138 Drosophila erecta
D._161950_D.ERECTA_CDNA-042_B1 52951731 Dere\GG24138 Drosophila erecta
D._161950_D.ERECTA_CDNA-064_E19 52953653 Dere\GG24138 Drosophila erecta
D._161950_D.ERECTA_CDNA-067_M6 52962285 Dere\GG24138 Drosophila erecta
D._161950_D.ERECTA_CDNA-035_L18 52956716 Dere\GG24138 Drosophila erecta
D._161950_D.ERECTA_CDNA-024_M22 52967533 Dere\GG24138 Drosophila erecta
D._161950_D.ERECTA_CDNA-008_A20 52517941 Dere\GG24138 Drosophila erecta
D._161950_D.ERECTA_CDNA-038_M14 52951181 Dere\GG24138 Drosophila erecta
D._161525_D.ANANASSAE_CDNA-036_I6 51502011 Dana\GF12018 Drosophila ananassae
D._161525_D.ANANASSAE_CDNA-058_I2 51877681 Dana\GF12018 Drosophila ananassae
D._161525_D.ANANASSAE_CDNA-015_A8 51403373 Dana\GF12018 Drosophila ananassae
D._161525_D.ANANASSAE_CDNA-001_K2 50410742 Dana\GF12018 Drosophila ananassae
D._161525_D.ANANASSAE_CDNA-070_E14 51881805 Dana\GF12018 Drosophila ananassae
D._161525_D.ANANASSAE_CDNA-059_P20 51880280 Dana\GF12018 Drosophila ananassae
D._161525_D.ANANASSAE_CDNA-058_C7 51877754 Dana\GF12018 Drosophila ananassae
D._161525_D.ANANASSAE_CDNA-051_N6 51781655 Dana\GF12018 Drosophila ananassae
D._163144_D.GRIMSHAWI_CDNA-051_A13 56929841 Dgri\GH21247 Drosophila grimshawi
D._163144_D.GRIMSHAWI_CDNA-013_H3 56970119 Dgri\GH21247 Drosophila grimshawi
D._163144_D.GRIMSHAWI_CDNA-030_G6 56976870 Dgri\GH21247 Drosophila grimshawi
D._163143_D.MOJAVENSIS_CDNA_PLATE-044_E20 54966093 Dmoj\GI20534 Drosophila mojavensis
D._163143_D.MOJAVENSIS_CDNA_PLATE-033_D1 54974236 Dmoj\GI20534 Drosophila mojavensis
D._163143_D.MOJAVENSIS_CDNA_PLATE-012_F12 54979119 Dmoj\GI20534 Drosophila mojavensis
D._163143_D.MOJAVENSIS_CDNA_PLATE-020_G12 54981038 Dmoj\GI20534 Drosophila mojavensis
D._163143_D.MOJAVENSIS_CDNA_PLATE-015_N16 54974967 Dmoj\GI20534 Drosophila mojavensis

Clones for Human Gene JUND (Entrez)  -  Ortholog of Dros gene Jra

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