DGRC Fall 2016 Newsletter

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New Collections

  1. FlyBi ORFeome (http://flybi.hms.harvard.edu/)

    The FlyBi ORFeome Collection contains 10,271 open reading frames (ORFs) from D. melanogaster (2/3 of the proteome). Cloned in the pDONR223 Gateway vector.

  2. New versions of the GOLD Collection - for expression in flies and cell lines (reference)

    Tagged ORFs

    • UFO - ORFs driven by a UAS promoter and with a Flag-HA tag C-terminal fusion
    • MXO - ORFs driven by a metallothionein promoter with TAP-tag for C-terminal fusion
    • FMO - ORFs driven by a metallothionein promoter with Flag-HA tag C-terminal fusion

  3. Extracellular Domain (ECD) Clones (Ozkan et al., 2013)

    The ECD collection consists of 202 extracellular domains of Drosophila proteins composed of the immunoglobulin superfamily (IgSF), fibronectin type III (FnIII), and leucine-rich repeat (LRR) families.

Use the product search in the banner above to find clone variations of your favorite gene. (e.g. Ama)

New Vectors

Click on the term below or enter it in the product search to see matching vectors.

  1. CRISPR (http://flycrispr.molbio.wisc.edu/)
  2. MiMIC,RMCE (http://flypush.imgen.bcm.tmc.edu/pscreen/rmce/)

Cell Lines

  1. modENCODE characterized cell lines - type "modENCODE" into our search box

    There are 25 Drosophila melanogaster cell lines reported in Cherbas et al., 2011 that have been characterized by whole-genome tiling microarray analysis of total RNA. The transcriptional profiles, generated as part of the modENCODE project (Celniker et al. 2009), can be accessed on the DGRC website through individual cell line pages.

    We are adding expression and ecdysone induction data for 41 cell lines using RNAseq data from Stoiber et al., 2016; this tool will become available in an upcoming DGRC website release.

  2. New Cell lines for ϕC31 integrase-mediated integration

  3. Linked references for studies utilizing cell lines

    We have expanded the literature references for each cell line. In collaboration with FlyBase, we now include all papers that make use of cell lines available from the DGRC. References can be viewed by clicking on the "References" tab; they are associated with searchable keywords.

Coming Soon

  1. Drosophila Tagged Transcription Factor BACs from Dr. Kevin White
  2. Plug and Play Vectors from Dr. Benjamin White - Diao et al., 2015

Donate Materials and Collections

Depositing resources at the DGRC is an easy way to make them widely available to the community - saving your lab the time and cost involved in processing requests and shipping - and a way to meet NIH's requirements for distribution of resources. Find out more at http://dgrc.bio.indiana.edu/Donations.

Holiday Shipping Schedule

Nov 21-27: no domestic shipments (Thanksgiving week)
Dec 12: last day of shipments before the New Year
Jan 4: shipping resumes

Citing the DGRC

When publishing experiments using materials obtained from the DGRC please follow the citation guidelines on the material's stock page, including citing the Drosophila Genomics Resource Center, supported by NIH grant 2P40OD010949, in the acknowledgments. Your cooperation helps us when we need to renew our grant as well as the researchers that donate materials to the DGRC.